Artist and Band Photography

Artist and Band Photography

per 4 hours of shoot time
  • Available to travel for worldwide bookings.
  • Artist/Band pays all travel, and, if applicable, accommodations/car rental expenses, 2 weeks in advance of booking date(s) and provides me with all relevant info.
    $50 per diem/per day required, also.
  • If session will last multiple days, a set number of 10 images, per day, will be chosen by client(s), for release/limited use rights.
  • Artist/Band will be give usb with all purchased and approved digital photographs for Limited use.
    Full Use/Rights to Photographs: Royalties must be agreed upon for full rights. Details Upon Request.
  • Note: If all pertinent information is not obtained from client in a timely manner, 2 weeks prior to booking date, booking will be cancelled and booking fee of $500 dollars will be assessed at the time of cancellation. Additionally, 10% of the total cost of the booking will be assessed for schedule clearing fee. Remainder of booking costs will be refunded, if applicable
  • Package deals are available for extended shoots and are based on the artist or band and their needs..